A Brand New Look For Fire Without Smoke by An Open Understanding

We love a good fresh of brand identity, especially when it's perfectly executed like this one... Take a closer look here. 

Tell us a little about the client...

Fire Without Smoke are the lead creative & marketing studio for the gaming industry. Considered the go-to for blockbuster heavyweights with an unrivalled knowledge for games inside out; their partners include the likes of Riot Games, Ubisoft, EA, 2K amongst many others.



What was the pitch? 

We were approached to create a new identity that represented the execution standards and character of the studio.

Taking direction from the cinematic feel that's threaded throughout Fire Without Smoke's portfolio, we created a monogram identity and approach to showcasing the studio's work that puts the creative to the forefront. Working closely with the FWS team the new identity is complemented with company creds, a new website and brand materials that bring the studio into a new era.



An Open Understanding is a full-service design company working alongside brands at any stage of their development.

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