A Fresh Campaign for Roger and Gallet by Clim Studio

The iconic Parisian cosmetic house, Roger & Gallet commissioned Clim Studio with their new summer online worldwide campaign. A colourful visual language that unfolds on a series of films to help advertise their 3 most famous products: the Wellbeing Soap boxes, the Solid Perfumes, and their extremely fresh Water Fragrances.

Creating a high-impact campaign that highlights the importance of ingredients was paramount for R&G. While the products remained the star, the vibrant flowers and fruits took center stage in this Warholesque approach. Their slogan, "The Happiness Factory," inspired a refreshed product identity...

Sociotype Journal Issue 03 –– HOME

Welcome to the third issue of Sociotype Journal, the type specimen for designers who like to read.

Our theme this time round is Home.

What makes a home? And how does power (or the lack of it) change the concept and the reality of what ‘home’ means?

Join us for a top-down and bottom-up tour of domesticity, from geometrically pristine masterplanned utopias, to an altogether more DIY approach: unplanned and off-grid, into the margins, into ruin,...

I’m Mikino. Nice to meet you -- By Carolina Melis

In celebration of the anniversary of the first release of the early Mickey Mouse sketch (known as Steamboat Willie) and its entry into the public domain in 2024 after Disney's copyright expiration, Carolina created her own character, Mikino.


The collection consists of 100 variations of the character design Mikino and combines some of her greatest passions: traditional cartoons and the Memphis Design Movement. Following the research on geometries, compositions, and variations started with Kubikino, Carolina extended the work into...

Introducing Luis Pedro Picasso Mendez

At the beginning of the pandemic, Luis started taking paining classes. Which I lead to develop a unique style without any external theoretical influence.

He began to work on the basis of his knowledge acquired over the years, developing his own style and way of painting.

"Life is our main teacher and mentor, experiences are the basis of our technique, people around us and loved ones our main source of inspiration."

"I started illustrating from a very young age. At the age...

We catch up with designer Yalan Wen

Take a deep dive with us to find out about the working process of digital designer Yalan Wen

What is the working process behind your work?

I usually sketch it out in my notebook first. I feel more connected to pen and paper in the process and it allows me to go wild with my imagination. My inspiration usually come from my surrounding, such as taking a walk or listening to music, paying attention to the texture of the notes, the flow between the notes, and the mood of the...