A Fresh Campaign for Roger and Gallet by Clim Studio

The iconic Parisian cosmetic house, Roger & Gallet commissioned Clim Studio with their new summer online worldwide campaign. A colourful visual language that unfolds on a series of films to help advertise their 3 most famous products: the Wellbeing Soap boxes, the Solid Perfumes, and their extremely fresh Water Fragrances.

Creating a high-impact campaign that highlights the importance of ingredients was paramount for R&G. While the products remained the star, the vibrant flowers and fruits took center stage in this Warholesque approach. Their slogan, "The Happiness Factory," inspired a refreshed product identity that exudes joy and sophistication.

Clim developed a visual language imbued with a vintage, Pop Art flair. Our designs, much like R&G’s wellness products, capture the essence of natural flowers with citric and delicate notes, all conveyed through a dynamic and youthful motion language.

"Our carefully designed scenes, the vintage touch added with some music-related objects, and the vivid colour palette introduce their new brand style, radiating femininity, lightness, and charm. This synergy allowed us to craft an unforgettable visual universe."

To bring this vision to life, Clim produced three distinct films, each dedicated to a different product type, showcasing their unique qualities. Additionally, they created a generic film to introduce the entire product line, providing a comprehensive overview that ties all elements together.

To further enhance the campaign, Clim developed a collection of engaging loops extracted from the films. These fun, eye-catching snippets were designed to reinforce the visual language and provide their client with versatile material to generate online traffic and engagement.

"Joy, Beauty, Elegance. These core values of our studio were seamlessly woven into this project. Clim Studio + Roger & Gallet was a perfect match, creating a campaign that truly resonates with their brand identity".


Client: Roger & Gallet
R&G Creative Director: Marie Binois
R&G Product Manager: Margaux Barbier

Producer: Jack Alexandre
CG Design: Everthon Estevan + Clim
CG Design & Animation: Witold Markiewicz
CG Animation: Carol Erique
Product Modeller: Thomas Pomarelle

Edit, Renders & Post Production: Berta Terrassa
Music & SFX: QB Sound