A New Identity For Vev by Decimal Studios

We love a fresh new look and Decimal Studios smashed it out the park with this project for Vev! Take a closer look and get to know more below...

Vev is the only all-in-one web building platform for professionals to create and launch unique web experiences with complete creative and technical freedom. The company sought to redefine their brand identity to match the power and flexibility of their product. As a result, they partnered with Decimal who worked in collaboration with Mediocre to conduct a comprehensive brand audit and visual identity to attract a new generation of creatives.


How did you get started on the project?

The first step in this project was understanding the product and how diverse their tool is compared to others - defining what makes it unique, who uses it and why. The popularity of web design software continues to grow, so finding new visual systems to explore was the main focus in creating their new brand identity. Building a website requires precision, coding and lots of attention to detail combined with imagination and fun. Vev offers the most flexible hosting solutions on the market. No-code and code opens up a production process with limitless design-led opportunities. While respecting their original logo, we created a distinctive visual language that sets them apart from other website building platforms.



What inspired the theme and colour palette of the project?

During the process of building our brand strategy, we soon realised that most website builders in the industry are using electric colours, mainly some shade of blue. To help Vev stand out from this general trend, we defined a rich colour palette that's easy to combine using soft, spark and dark tones. Inspired by modern interior design and Scandinavian artists, we designed a unique colour palette by combining soft tones with a more sparkling tone, bringing depth and variety as a subtle nod to Vev's Norwegian origins. Vev users are always looking to push the boundaries of traditional web experiences. This colour palette was selected to spark imagination and energy, combining matching soft and dark colours. 



“Our goal at Vev is to make the web a more beautiful place, one website at a time, starting with our own. The brand visuals tell the story of the people at Vev, striking the perfect balance between professionalism and flexibility.” Fredrik Ekli, co-founder & CPO



What made you create the animated shapes?

Drawing inspiration from Vev, we collaborated with illustrator Rutger Paulusse to build a world of floating geometric shapes which interact with one another, creating an abstract colourful universe of collaboration and endless possibilities. A battery of individual geometric shapes specifically created three illustrations for each one of the three editors: Design, Code and Content. We designed a colour system for each editor to identify and organise their future website. There are many ways to use Vev and that is why our portrayal plays with multiple perspectives of the same image, generating specific backgrounds fitting every need.



We noticed you utilised the awesome typeface by CoType what inspired this selection?

Yes, we selected Aeonik by CoType Foundry  as our main brand typeface because of its clean, contemporary and direct look, and the fantastic balance for both display and text use. For specific display instances, we paired Aeonik with Iskry (stands for “Sparks” in Polish) by Laïc type foundry. We were looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to contrast the more utilitarian sans serif look, like a force that creates a brief electric spark.



“Freedom is at the heart of everything we do. It’s woven into the way we design our product, build our team, and grow our internal culture. We’re huge believers in equality, openness, and the freedom to think differently—so we needed a brand that was strong and agile enough to keep up.” Tine Karlsen, co-founder & CEO


Brand Identity for Vev
Project created by Decimal and Mediocre