Blag Magazine Issue 03

What's Inside Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine)?

Between the covers of the adventures in sign painting in Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine).

As well as 64 advertising-free pages of adventures in sign painting, there is something else inside Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine): a limited edition poster of The Sign Painter's Studio miniature by Danielle McGurran. This now ships, with the magazine, to all new members at the Blagger level and above.

"Danielle published her work to social media as I was finishing off the BLAG 03 feature about artists working with signs and lettering in miniature. I rushed to interview her via email, and stole her 'magic in the minutiae' phrase for the headline—thanks Danielle!

We then got talking about the poster idea, a format I had been developing as an option for advertisers. This was finessed with the inclusion of a 'map' on the reverse, detailing all the work she recreated in miniature for the diorama. This credits sign painters, artists, and publications that have inspired her, in addition to her mum, a former sign painter."

Danielle is one of the Issue 03 contributors that you can hear from at the first ever BLAG Meet in October. The event is free and online, with tickets available now via Eventbrite.

Each issue of BLAG has 64 internal pages, and the contents of these from Issue 03 are expanded on below. The magazine is kept free of advertising by paying members, patrons, and sponsors. This means that every single page is dedicated to our adventures in sign painting. Paid members also get access to bonus content from each issue. There are 80 additional photos, a video, and two PDF downloads in the bonus material from BLAG 03.

More than 45 contributors from 14 countries made BLAG 03 possible, and it was once again a pleasure to collaborate with so many brilliant people around the world. Thank you all.

Thanks also to the wonderful team that brings the final print magazine to fruition: Jenna Homen on sub-editing; Utile Studio on design; SYL L'Art Gráfic on print; and Ra & Olly on distribution.

Fonts in Use are Aktiv Grotesk by Dalton Maag and Utile by Sibylle Hagmann from Kontour.