CoType Foundry Bring you Two Brand New Typefaces!

It would be an understatement to say that CoType have spoilt us all this month! Take a closer look at the TWO brand new typefaces...

CoType Foundry introduces Aeonik Mono and Aeonik Fono.
One is a typical fixed-pitch font where each character fits in a box of the same width. The other is a great illusionist posing as a mono but is actually proportionately spaced.


Our goal in creating Aeonik Mono was to pick up on the features that make the original Aeonik a beloved choice amongst designers and transform it into a true monospaced type family for use in any graphic design project and even for coding.

We all appreciate the aesthetics of a good mono yet such a typeface can be difficult to use in running text or in headlines due to its large word spaces lack of kerning and some very narrow characters. For typographers seeking that mono vibe without the typesetting “inconveniences” of a truly monospaced typeface we created a fake mono – a Fono if you will.

Aeonik Fono has been designed to live in the space between the classical Aeonik and Aeonik Mono. Its letter shapes are are slightly less exaggerated than a true mono font making it easier to read. It features proportional spacing and some kerning all of which make text setting a pleasure.

Many might know Aeonik for its numerous stylistic sets. Aeonik Mono and Fono bring their own twist to this game featuring many different boxed and circled numerals as well as alternates for the characters ‘a’ ‘f’ ‘y’ ‘J’ ‘Q’ ‘7’ and ‘&’. In addition to these there are three sets of arrows included: simple small arrows simple uppercase arrows and navigational arrows.

Aeonik Mono and Fono are available in 7 weights ranging from Thin to Black. The extensive language support (Latin Extended A) allows type setting in most European languages written with the Latin script.

Available to buy and trial exclusively at
FREE 68pp, type specimen book and variable font on all Full Family purchases.


Type Support: @blast_foundry
Printing by @identityprint
Photography by @garysmithphoto


CoType is the London based type foundry of Mark Bloom and Co.

We design contemporary typefaces for use in digital and print applications. In addition to our retail offerings, we also offer design of bespoke typefaces and modifications of our existing font library.

All of our typefaces support Latin Extended-A, Western European, Central European & Southeastern European languages. We also offer free trials across our entire font library, allowing you to try before you buy.

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