Fanny Papay talks with us about freelancing, playful projects, and proud moments.

Everything is bright and bold in Fanny Papay's world. Her designs are exciting, inventive, and executed with a sense of humour and craftsmanship. She mixes sometimes uncomfortable surrealism with warm and inviting colour, in an unmistakable way that makes her work one of a kind. We were lucky enough at Grafik to catch up with her about her imaginative and stunning designs.



Tell me about your journey into the design and creative direction field.


It’s a very long story that probably started as a kid. My mother worked as an illustrator and graphic artist. Even as a very young child, I wanted to imitate what she was doing, then I started drawing. Since then I have graduated from an art high school and a design university.

My style and interest have evolved a lot over time. I started with hand drawing, continued with photography, and have been experimenting with 3d and digital collages for a while now.



What do you enjoy about freelancing?


For me, it is the most perfect way of living and working. I don't really tolerate unanimity well. If you are a freelancer there are always new projects and challenges you are always working with new people from all over the world, and I think it’s super exciting. It is also a very good part of the thing that you can enjoy complete freedom and work from anywhere.



What is your current personal project?


My photographer friend and I have been working on a collaboration for 1.5 years. The topic is horoscopy, it will be very fun and surreal. The whole process of making was super joyful. We have figured out the project to feel the joy of creating again and feel that playfulness and flow. We really did.




Tell me about a moment in your career that makes you feel proud.


It feels really good to get to more and more people with my work, some inquiries are really euphoric for me. One of the most memorable points of my career so far was when a gallery projected one of my works on time square.