FENDA 2021 Urban Arts Festival Identity With Pedro Pereira

This week we got to chat with designer Pedro Pereira. Pedro gives us a closer look at the latest project for Fenda 2021. 



The festival FENDA - immersed in the streets of Braga, a Portuguese city known for its rich history and traditions - as part of "Braga – Culture Capital of the Atlantic Axis 2021"

With Cosmic Burger Collective providing artistic direction in co-organisation with Braga Municipality, the event placed equal emphasis on visual/performing arts and quality music.

The main goal with this festival identity was to feel like a 90's rave culture mixed with the traditional roots of Braga (the roman legacy) giving a futuristic twist. A future generation looking at a cracked Braga and analysing their culture.



This year’s visual identity was inspired by the Roman legacy that is spread all over the city. The elements used on the poster represent the traditional Roman Braga being cracked by a new generation of artists and groundbreaking ideas. These waves of emerging artists are paying an homage to Braga’s ancestry while redefining its cultural direction.



FENDA caught the best of Braga’s local talent, along with some international giants. This year’s line-up included Evian Christ - who presented an A/V show specially designed for this festival - homebred hip-hop luminary Ângela Policia, Argentine artist Catnapp, Wav.in Collective and UK Multimedia Wielder Iglooghost.



This festival granted 12 murals from 12 artists, scattered around the enticing streets of Braga. The pop-up art circuit was spearheaded by Portuguese artist B.E.K - Urban Arts Ambassador of FENDA.



Using a lot of digital techniques, Pedro started to develop the 3D elements and then breaking them in blender. The elements were inspired by old Roman architecture elements, because Braga has a lot of Roman architecture and it's considered the "portuguese Rome". The icons on the left side of the poster were also inspired by old Roman symbols spread in the city. "After all the elements were drawn I gave a texture to all elements to give a retro look."

Pedro is a graphic designer and illustrator from Braga. In the last two year he had the privilege of working with local music artists. Making record covers, gig posters and festivals identity. You can follow his work on instagram or behance. Currently Pedro is working on an illustrated book where he questions our purpose in life and what is purpose? Is it created by us or by someone else?