Introducing Luis Pedro Picasso Mendez

At the beginning of the pandemic, Luis started taking paining classes. Which I lead to develop a unique style without any external theoretical influence.

He began to work on the basis of his knowledge acquired over the years, developing his own style and way of painting.

"Life is our main teacher and mentor, experiences are the basis of our technique, people around us and loved ones our main source of inspiration."

"I started illustrating from a very young age. At the age of 8 I lived in the countryside with my family, along with 2 sisters, my main fun was drawing, which later became my passion. I just got interested and passionate about people’s faces, copied them or imagined them. Which then led me to perfect myself to the point of creating faces of people who reflected a unique personality. As a teenager, graphic design began to fascinate me, which led me to study a career and mix my innate knowledge with those acquired. I think my pain􀆟ngs mix those concepts of pop art and graphic design and o􀅌en lead viewers to confuse whether they are real or digital paintings.

I would define my style, like pop dissection. A mixture of explosive colours and osseous darkness. I am passionate about skeletons and their structure, how a living being is shaped based on it.

My greatest aspiration as an artist is that the one who sees my work feels a little of the energy when I realised the work, anger, joy, sadness or what my work gives off. You see, I think that the title of artist is earned by people, it is they who must decide whether you are an artist or not.

The biggest challenges I face are, not to fall into repetition, I try to make my work as original and personal as possible. I try not to let myself be influenced by the art world, although it is impossible to abstract, I try that the art world did not mold me but rather the opposite. I want to create based on what I was created and give life to my works from the depths of my being."


To see more of Luis' work head here 

We will be finding out more about Luis process and further inspirations in the coming weeks!