Nubia Navarro on taking risks inside the design process

We caught up with Nubia Navarro who is a Venezuelan graphic designer and lettering artist currently living in Bogota, Colombia. She started creating infographics and graphic pieces at university which led onto Nubia now specialising in the creation of digital and manual letters. She has worked with a number of advertising agencies over the past 7 years, working alongside major brands such as Adidas, Adobe, Tiffany & Co, Sprite and Flowers of Colombia. Her approach to design is very focused on solving problems using type as well as being passionate about playing around with shapes, letters, colours and textures.                                

How did you get started designing type?

My first steps into typography come from calligraphy and also foodtype. When I was at the university I always liked to make infographics and graphic pieces with big amounts of typography / titles and stuff. After that I started doing lettering as a daily routine and day by day I started to make it part of my life, almost like a relaxing ritual.

My design process varies depending on the project. Most of the time my favourite part is when I have a clear path or concept where I can start making everything I love. Playing around with shapes, letters, colors and textures has become something I think I can't live without.

Where do you draw inspiration from to motivate your creative practice?

I find inspiration in lots of places, people and things. I use a lot of social media but also I like to download complete books and stuff from other ages, that makes me think a lot about how I can translate those elements into the actual world. 
I like to draw digitally and also analog; I've been trying to merge those worlds together in my latest experiments so I can find new ways for me to create stuff.

Tell us more about the motivational meaning behind your print

I have a love-hate relationship with risk and playfulness, I love organic elements and also geometric ones. I don't like to stay attached to a single style so every time I try a new thing that makes me think I took the risk of making something different for me. I love colours and everything that has to do with them but this time I tried to make something really sober, the opposite of what I always do so I think you have to do that sometimes to find a little bit of magic in the process.

What are you working towards at the moment?

At the moment I am working on so many things that I lost count of the projects. I am working on my personal page, also doing some personal projects, dealing with the daily routine at the agency I work at and also I am studying type at Cooper NY. So everyday is a new adventure here at home.