Chatting with Creative Director and founder of Clim Studio About Their Latest Motion Project


We got a great look at the latest project by Clim Studio with Artgrid

Hello Clim, It's great being able to catch up with you and hear all about this amazing project.
Tell us a little more about your client and how it all started..

Artgrid are a group of filmmakers that aim to provide you with the best stock footage available.
After 3 projects together our relationship with Artgrid is growing stronger.
When a Carte Blanche is given "What can we offer to an always-growing catalogue of stock footage?".
We decided to put together a presentation deck with plenty of ideas to chose from.
One of our favourites, "5 a Day", seemed like the healthiest concept to explore. The series contains 5 pieces made with Fruits and Vegetables. Nothing less, nothing more.
A very sober-looking series of 5 moving paintings that bring attention to the animation.
A very classic still-life look opposed to something that feels contemporary.
We felt like Animation was the perfect modern companion.
A digital-inspired movement that clashes conceptually with nature.
We decided to produce some of the animations with beginning and ending in order to give
the user the factor of “presentation, introduction and showcase”..
This allowed us to craft the animation a little more, treating the edibles in a more unexpected way.

What difficulties did you face in this project?
I would say: timing. Artgrid gives us plenty of freedom and several projects but in the other hands budgets are usually a bit restrained. That is why we must work very fast and efficiently to make the project profitable for the studio.

How does this project differ to your others? 
This is definitely the most photo-realistic we have done so far. The two previous Artgrid projects were realistic in terms of lighting and rendering but you know they are made in CG. The 5 A DAY is quite different. We worked with quixel mega-scans, so the quality and realism is outstanding. 

What did you enjoy the most? 
Design and composition I think is the best part. Also working with Edgar Ferrer is always a pleasure.

We love it, it really turned out great! Tell us a little more about your creative process and what it included this time...
We normally have a deck full of concepts and ideas for the client to pick from.
We are starting to build a quite long relationship with Artgrid.
The amazing team at Artgrid trusts us so we can propose whatever we want to do.
That is beautiful and makes us really enjoy working with them. It is actually the
dream project, we just have to make it fast. 

The technique and skill in each of these short videos is absolutely incredible, it has blown our minds!
We love this project to find out more, check it out here.

About Clim Studio:

Clim Studio are an Animation and Mix Media Studio. Their infrastructure is adaptive and fluid. A worldwide freelance network collaborating together orchestrated by a unique voice: Clim, an international award winning creative director, designer and producer.

Clim has been exploring different visual languages for the past 15 years. He hand picks the perfect dream team for each job. That’s how Clim is mastering the art of directing. Bringing together the best of the best exclusively for each specific project. 

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