Scrambled Lines Project from Cam Hoelter

We got to take a closer look at the latest creation of Cam Hoelter, Scrambled Lines.



Cam is an advertising creative who between creating internationally acclaimed campaigns for global mega brands such as VW, McDonald's and Verizon.



Cam tells us he's always held a passion for illustration and drawing since childhood. "I found my way into advertising through drawing and art. I drew obsessively as a kid but the weird thing was I essentially stopped drawing seriously once my I got my first job as an Art Director." But Cam recently reignited this love of illustration during the long months spent at home during COVID 19. And after 20 plus years in advertising it wasn't surprising that his advertising brain began influencing his approach when he finally returned to illustration.

"I love the conceptual side of advertising. Creating ideas that involve the audience asking them them to connect the last few dots to get an idea, leaving them feeling rewarded and their intelligence respected. And I absolutely love illustration that does the same thing. My favourite illustration work is stuff that gives the viewer a little 'smile in the mind' - if I can quote a famous book title!"



Cam has worked at agencies in cities across Australia and New York and his love for those cities and travel has been a big influence in his work. His City Series clearly shows this interaction of illustration and passion for the places in which he's lived wrapped up in an elegant conceptual twist. "I've been lucky to live in some iconic cities and I love reflecting my love for these places in my work. I get a kick finding an interesting conceptual angle that says something about the city that people will relate to." You can see this throughout Cam's work.



For example, The Sydney Harbour Bridge as a hyphen connecting two halves of the city which apparently came to him on a ferry ride to work. Or his declaration of love for New York ironically using the steam from the New York sewer. New York as it happens is a continual subject in his work. "New York is a place so many people are passionate about which makes it such a great subject. Being a visual person for me it's the architecture that embodies the character of the place. Particularly the tenement buildings and brownstones. I reckon they're just as iconic as any Art Deco skyscraper." While Cam may have taken a couple of decades to return to illustration he is now making up for lost time.  


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