Sexy Design For Dipsea by Herman Scheer

Allow us the pleasure of introducing the only audio erotica app created for women, by women – Dipsea. Where sexual wellness meets storytelling. Sexy audio stories and intimate wellness sessions to help you find joy and confidence in and out of the bedroom.

In partnership with Herman-Scheer, an independent brand studio based in Los Angeles, Dipsea created and launched a brand which reimagined erotica as an empowering experience that leaves room for your imagination.

"Our mantra with the design for Dipsea was to create a brand that was as desirable as the content itself. To get our audience good and lost in the story, we designed a barely there UI. To keep them wanting more, we captured small moments. Stills and motion that felt really hot. And really real."

"The entire design system was created to make our audience feel the heat. Curvy, serif type invites self-discovery. A lush palette puts you in the mood from the moment you lay eyes on it. And our animation gives you just one…peek…at a time."

Is it hot in here, or is it just this tone of voice? Sultry and invitatory, it’s also thoroughly consensual. Because desire is all in the details. And Dipsea? They’re drawing more women in to listen, imagine and light themselves up. 

Dipsea believes everyone is entitled to feel good in their own body. Recognising what brings you pleasure makes you more alert to all the other ways joy should be showing up in your life. Tapping into your sexual powers is a step on the journey to asserting that power everywhere.