Sociotype Journal Issue 03 –– HOME

Welcome to the third issue of Sociotype Journal, the type specimen for designers who like to read.

Our theme this time round is Home.

What makes a home? And how does power (or the lack of it) change the concept and the reality of what ‘home’ means?

Join us for a top-down and bottom-up tour of domesticity, from geometrically pristine masterplanned utopias, to an altogether more DIY approach: unplanned and off-grid, into the margins, into ruin, and into hiding in plain sight. We’ll look at Potemkin villages and replica cities, McMansions and sham castles, cube farms and hot desks; spite fences, coffin homes, hippie communes, suburban malls, Cold War-era radar stations and more.

Following our D&AD award-winning Issue 2, issue 3 is our most ambitious yet, with 18 articles, 35,000 words, a 20-page technical type specimen, and no ads.