Take A Look At Arctic Volume Surface 02

Surface N° 2: Putting hyperrealism into the spotlight.

We take a look at the latest release from Arctic Paper. Arctic Paper S.A. is one of the leading producers of high-quality graphical fine paper in Europe and consists of three paper mills and five eco-friendly strong brands: Amber, Arctic, Arctic Volume, Munken and G. Most of the products are sold through the company’s sales organisation in Europe. The Group is the main owner of the listed Swedish pulp producer Rottneros AB. 

Arctic Paper presents Surface N° 2 – a second edition featuring a specially curated selection of images created by an international group of 15 well-esteemed artists and collectives, printed on paper from the Arctic Volume Range.

Arctic Volume is known for its natural feel, distinctive coated surface and exceptional print quality. Surface N° 2 demonstrates how these unique paper attributes can showcase images just as the artist intended.

Surface N° 2 focuses on hyperrealism, which is today a benchmark for photographers and visual artists. Hyperrealism is the art of exaggerating images in a way that blends reality and the imagination. Blurring distinctions and boundaries, the artists are thus able to deliver unusual views on the world around us – from cityscapes, landscapes and scenic compositions to portraits of animals and people.

In today’s world, digital applications make it ever easier for anyone to create artworks out of simple snapshots. But dedicated photographers hold on to the value of their art with compositions and rendering thought through down to every detail. In doing so, the depth and content of a single image is expanded upon, revealing images that take us on a visual journey “beyond reality”.

In Surface N° 2, a wide and varied portfolio compiled of images from 15 internationally renowned artists – such as Wang & Söderström, Cody Cobb and Namsa Leuba – brings individual perspectives to light in a unique and precise way, while also highlighting the singular, characteristic and professional feel of Arctic Volume paper.

Arctic Volume Range comprises the following grades:

Arctic Volume Ice: the brightest clear white shade that displays colour and contrast to perfection, bringing every designer’s vision to life.

Arctic Volume HighWhite: a true high white shade for high contrast and colour brilliance, ideal for exclusive print results of the highest quality.

Arctic Volume White: a natural white shade and a wide range of grammages, perfect for a broad spectrum of applications.

Arctic Volume Ivory: a natural ivory shade that makes for the best possible readability, lending images a warmer tone, and a natural and genuine feel.

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