The MEDG Project By Matias Erias

We got a closer look at the MEDG Project - a fun typographic project launched in the midst of a global pandemic. 

Matias a graphic designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has a strong background in digital art; working with many creative agencies, studios and as a freelancer. 

Tell us a little more about this project and how it started...

I have always enjoyed creating art for fun but I wasn't able to experiment as freely in my formal job. 
When Covid-19 appeared in our lives it opened a new window of opportunity for me. I started by creating visual artworks based off of words proposed by my social media followers, these became more frequent week by week.

It sounds like such a fun way to stay creative whilst we were all locked in doors! How did the project grow? What do you see for its future?

The goal of the project morphed from being just for fun in to a project to bring positivity. I started to focus on creating positive messages in one of the most negative moments for the world. 

I've found a place where I can play with typography and image in a way I have never been able to before; experimenting with different layouts each week whilst sharing positive quotes created by myself or inspired by ones that I have read. 

The project has grown organically to be very collaborative. I started by using pictures and typefaces mostly from independent designers and artists. 

I have created 100 posts so far and my idea is to keep exploring, keep growing and keep giving people something nice to see.  

We love it Matias! We can't wait to see how this project continues to evolve. 

If you want to keep up with the project or share an inspiring quote for him to turn in to a piece of artwork be sure to follow on Instagram