Ticket-based Theatre Poster System By Mikhail Lychkovskiy

Reflections on simplifying the design of theatrical poster systems by Mikhail Lychkovskiy.
Sooner or later, a designer may face the task of designing a poster or a poster series for the theatre.

Sometimes the solution lies on the surface, but in general, the task of designing a series is a serious work involving many factors: the amount of constantly and intermittently displayed information, the layout of long and short names of representations, the availability of photos and their quality.

Oftentimes the same event should be equally well reflected both on a vertical poster and on a horizontal banner in the city, it should work on narrow banners on the Internet and always evoke the feeling that the event refers specifically to the theatre.

An integral attribute of the theatre— a theatre ticket — can simplify the task.

Placing a QR code on the ticket for its purchase can optimise the user's experience, this way they will be able to purchase a ticket at the first contact with the poster.
Using a ticket as a module for a poster can bring a number of advantages. The ticket already contains important information: title, author, date and time. At the same time, the ticket is rectangular, like posters, that makes it easy to use it in different ways.
Tickets can be used to design a poster of one event or a repertoire of different events for a week or a month. Such a system is not sensitive to the availability and quality of photos, wide or narrow media and can save time and speed up design, and QR code on the ticket can lead to the purchase page of this very ticket.
Theatres may differ from each other in the colour of the poster or ticket, the form of the ticket, the typography, the presence or absence of photos.
Thus, the solution is simply to design a ticket or take an existing one. Can you imagine a poster of your favourite theatre designed from tickets?