Visual Identity for Yucca Studio

We have another beautiful self initiated project. It's so great to see our favourite creatives taking the time out of their busy client schedules to create and play. 


What is the project about: 

Based in Porto but working Worldwide, Yucca Studio is a small team of very experienced & multidisciplinary professionals, offering services in the areas of Art Direction, Editorial, Branding, Web, Photography and Creative Services. Capable of addressing compound creative challenges, we create truthful connections with those around us, motivated by the desire of generating Design that matters. By exploring creativity, human values and collaboration, by valuing different and informed perspectives, we ensure a unique and dedicated attitude towards any challenge given. To communicate all of that, we’ve decided to have fun while creating our studio identity.



Tell us about the client:

We are this project client! Our studio believes that kindness manifests itself in conduct, action and relationships. We believe in the importance of leisure, being “leisure” synonymous with availability: “it means a mind that is not constantly occupied with something”.

Yucca was created through the conviction that there is a growing need for alternatives in how to receive and understand the world: not only digital and technological, but also physical and personal. We believe that, in everything in life, there is the act of learning. When we’re totally honest, that same honesty is conveyed to others. 

As creatives, we aim to contribute to a society in which the main values that determine how things are done or how people are treated are not maximisation, growth for the sake of growth and financial benefit, but rather more ephemeral, impossible qualities to measure. These values are here, among us, and we all know that, when present at work, they are really felt and perceived. We believe they are as real as money, success, or deadlines.

The studio emerged from a growing interest in the world of culture and education, and from the enormous desire to act in favour of human growth. It is a pleasure to share our vision with you. 



Tell us about the identity, what was the inspiration? 

The yucca plant, or palm lily, is a tough character that you can guarantee will always be around. With its irresistible combination of strength and reliability, the plant flourishes in desert regions, and so copes well with full sun and relative dryness. Some wild species also flower. Despite its laid back appeal, the Yucca has quite a few symbolic meanings: new opportunities, loyalty, protection and purity.

The connection with the organic world of nature is obvious in relation to the colour palette and in relation to the name “Yucca” itself. Despite its laid discrete and neutral appeal, Yucca has quite a few symbolic meanings: new opportunities, loyalty, protection and purity. 

We chose Apoc Typeface because it has a classic and elegant look, combining some differentiating elements, creating an interesting contrast between Haas Grotesk, the Sans Serif in use. Together, the two convey the brand’s values of elegance and professionalism, as well as a clean and timeless style.



What was your creative process?

I have been a fan of Yucca’s since I was a little kid. For some reason, I loved the way the word was pronounced. I thought it was a funny word, a beautiful plant, and it grew to be my favourite word, until now. It was super easy, for me, to choose our name. After that, when I started thinking about designing our stationary, I thought what was better than getting inspiration from the plant itself! So I went to a Botanical Garden in Porto, and I spent the afternoon there, just walking around and looking at plants. After that, I chose a couple of beautiful papers, I started designing according to my personal style, always having in mind the world of nature itself. Not only the visual identity, but also the photography and video are super based on this.


Instagram: _yuccastudio_