We catch up with designer Yalan Wen

Take a deep dive with us to find out about the working process of digital designer Yalan Wen

What is the working process behind your work?

I usually sketch it out in my notebook first. I feel more connected to pen and paper in the process and it allows me to go wild with my imagination. My inspiration usually come from my surrounding, such as taking a walk or listening to music, paying attention to the texture of the notes, the flow between the notes, and the mood of the music in general. 

When I first learned about new media art and technology, I always think about what makes it different from traditional media, and how I can use it in my artwork. In my piece "RoomView", I approach the digital tool by using videos shot in real life. For around a month in May, I recorded the sounds and views I heard and saw from my room in 2020. Then I used my computer to generate this kind of melting visual that I think fits the concept the best.  

Do you like to see your work in print?

Yes, there are some of my works that I’ve been wanted to print out for a long time.  I would love to see a larger size prints of my works. It's just fascinating to see them printed in nice ink on paper. I did try some screen prints and riso prints, and had a lot of fun playing with those colors.

What inspires the way you create? 

I usually get my inspiration from my surroundings. Mostly from nature and music. Sometimes I just have the urge to create something, so I'll just follow my instinct.

How do you start a new project?

I write things down in my notebook, that's usually where the ideas came from. Sometimes I need to research more to get an idea of what I want to make, but sometimes they just came straight out of nowhere.

Where would you like to see the finished pieces?

It's great to see my works on a big screen. If I have a chance to print things out, I would love to try a larger-scale print. And maybe put the work in the middle of a field? Display in a cabin? I like somewhere that’s unexpected.

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