Yucca Studio Have Been Busy Creating a Brand New Website for Betina du Toit.

We caught up with Yucca Studio, a graphic design practice based in Porto, about their latest project 'Betina'. 

So tell us, what was the reasoning behind this beautiful project?

The project was the creation of the new website for the brilliant photographer, Betina du Toit. 

Betina reached out to us and asked us if we would like to re-design her new website. We couldn’t help but become super excited, as she is one of our favourite creatives and we absolutely love her work. 


She has an amazing portfolio of studio shots and landscapes, and she photographs women in all their elegance and beauty. She has worked with big names such as Chanel, Dior, Calvin Klein. 

WOW, That is super exciting! Where did you start with brainstorming and gathering ideas for the redesign?

Inspired by her charm and subtleness, we’ve decided to create a precious space for her work. 

Very little has changed in the last few years, except that everything is far more pumped up now - inflated even. In the world we’ve created for Betina, everything is magical, small, subtle, tender and peaceful. Together with the atmosphere created by her photos, the website intends to be a space for this new world, new light, new vision.

The white space and clear environment gives a sense of contemplation, so that things can find their way to us, and not the opposite. This is a space that values connections, instigating conversations between the work and the digital place it occupies. It is a world of dreams, where images leave uncertain traces in our memory, carefully planted with tenderness, care, intimacy, affection and endearment.

We tried to create the perfect harmony, where everything is slow, peaceful, giving us time to inhale and exhale together. There, we have space to breathe, in what is normally a crazy, quick and easily vanished world.

It truly is beautiful, we love the delicate cleanliness of the site.
How long did the project last? Were you on a strict timeline?

The website took us a few months to create. I really like to work closely with the person I’m designing a world for, and that was certainly the case with Betina. We had a couple meetings to discuss ideas, typefaces, the usual, and the communication was always smooth and easy. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her, to see how humble and discrete she is, despite all of her incredible body of work. 

What would you say was the most challenging part of the project?

I think the most challenging part was the launch. We had this timing planned, but then everyone was so perfectionist that we didn’t want anything to go wrong and it took us a while to get it to the final stage, where everyone was ready to stop and put it on air. It was a project that was so dear to all of us that we just couldn’t let it go. 

You can really see all the effort and love shine through, we think you absolutely smashed it! We can't wait to see what other project you launch this year!

You can keep up with Yucca studio here or check out their website for more beautiful design work!

Founder of Yucca, Catarina Freitas born in 1996, Graduated from ESAD. Catarina has a Master Degree on Graphic Design, and has been working in the field for over 5 years, focusing mainly on Editorial Design, Web and Art Direction.

In the past, she has worked in ESAD—idea (PT), Mecha Studio (PT), Brutus Studio (NYC), while also taking a side interest in the field of Education on Graphic Design and Critical Writing. Apart from Yucca, she currently practices Design in a NY based studio called Combo, while also working as a Freelancer for a variety of Studios Worldwide.

Beyond this, Catarina believes in genuine and engaged creation, having the opinion that our knowledge of the world has no value, except when we act to transform it.

Now, based in Porto but working Worldwide, Yucca Studio is a small team of very experienced and multidisciplinary professionals, offering services in the areas of Art Direction, Editorial, Branding, Web and Creative Services.

Capable of addressing compound creative challenges, we create truthful connections with those around us, motivated by the desire of generating Design that matters. By exploring creativity, human values and collaboration, by valuing different and informed perspectives, we ensure a unique and dedicated attitude towards any challenge.