YummyColours launches vol 3.0 of Concept of the Year

Introducing vol 3.0 of Concept of the Year—a collection of work 
by 60 creators—a multidisciplinary inspiration and a collective experience.

Concept of the Year is about creating a collective experience and a catalyst for flexing multidisciplinary imagination. It is an open platform for contributors of all backgrounds—an invitation to explore creativity, think critically, challenge trends, and discover new modes of inspiration.

Since 2019, YummyColours has asked open-ended questions about each coming year, generating compelling prompts that coalesce into a comprehensive theme. The outcome becomes the Concept of the Year, an idea that participants are welcome to interpret as they wish.


The theme of Concept of the Year 2023 is “Dear Future,” an open letter to what’s next on the horizon. It’s a collective curiosity for what it means to “return to the best self”—as individuals and in community. Together, we explore feelings of uncertainty, the excitement of shaking up this snow globe we call life, how to find magic in the mystery, and the relationship between nostalgia and destiny.


“Dear Future” takes shape as a physical printed piece, organised into six sections by theme, and a website that includes submissions from 60+ international creators, from writers and activists to scientists, technologists, performers, and photographers.


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