World Kindness Day with ZetaFonts

From November 5 to 13, a multi-location exhibition to celebrate World Kindness Day


Fight for Kindness: a global event to spread inspiring typographic messages from the design community.


In an increasingly self-oriented society, good practices of kindness have collapsed, risking becoming a legacy of times gone by. Fight for Kindness is a unique opportunity to bring awareness to this issue, celebrating the World Day of Kindness each year, on November 13th; it is a non-profit project that unites the design communities, enhancing...

Bringing Bread Billboard by Alex Ram

We chat to illustrator and artist Alex Ram about their latest billboard design. 

A simple story of bringing food to share with friends. With a subtle nod to all the Curb Your Enthusiasm fans out there; in this case bringing bread. (And also wine and dessert). A site-specific illustration for the Feirtag Billboard. Kassel, Germany.

What was the project about? How did you find inspiration for this piece?

The project was to create a site-specific illustration...

Sexy Design For Dipsea by Herman Scheer

Allow us the pleasure of introducing the only audio erotica app created for women, by women – Dipsea. Where sexual wellness meets storytelling. Sexy audio stories and intimate wellness sessions to help you find joy and confidence in and out of the bedroom.

In partnership with Herman-Scheer, an independent brand studio based in Los Angeles, Dipsea created and launched a brand which reimagined erotica as an empowering experience that leaves room for your imagination.

"Our mantra with the...

Sunflowers for Ukraine by Sarah Louise

We had the privilege of finding out more about the beautiful project by Sarah Louise.


"The tragedy in Ukraine is an event that shook the lives of so many around the world, and continues to feel close to home. With strong ties to this humanitarian crisis, my Polish-born partner and I put our hearts and minds together with our combined skills in painting, photography, and design, to create ‘Ukraine
Sunflower’ — a poster print in the name of hope.

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Amazon Alexa Shopping List By Clim Studio

We get a closer look at the latest project by Clim Studio. 



The recipe of Clim Studio’s Mix Media Ad. Amazon Alexa’s team partnered with Clim Studio to advertise new ways to shop and save on everyday grocery items. Done it alongside our reps at Hornet, this creative collaboration turned into a 30-second video...