Blag Magazine Issue 03

What's Inside Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine)?

Between the covers of the adventures in sign painting in Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine).

As well as 64 advertising-free pages of adventures in sign painting, there is something else inside Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine): a limited edition poster of The Sign Painter's Studio miniature by Danielle McGurran. This now ships, with the magazine, to all new members at the Blagger level and above.

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Blag Magazine Issue 02

Blag Magazine Issue 02

BLAG (Better Letters Magazine) is the world's only print and online publication dedicated to sign painting.

BLAG exists to inform and inspire the international sign painting community, by celebrating exciting work and sharing knowledge and resources. It's run by Sam Roberts, but ultimately you are in charge of where the magazine goes. 

About Sam 

Better Letters was born in 2013 as a natural extension to Sams work on Ghostsigns. The aim was to champion sign painting and foster greater appreciation of the trade. In the years since, this has...

YummyColours launches vol 3.0 of Concept of the Year

Introducing vol 3.0 of Concept of the Year—a collection of work 
by 60 creators—a multidisciplinary inspiration and a collective experience.

Concept of the Year is about creating a collective experience and a catalyst for flexing multidisciplinary imagination. It is an open platform for contributors of all backgrounds—an invitation to explore creativity, think critically, challenge trends, and discover new modes of inspiration.

Since 2019, YummyColours has asked open-ended questions about each coming year, generating compelling prompts that coalesce into a comprehensive theme. The outcome becomes the Concept of the...

Vercetti Regular A Free Sans-Serif Font By Filippos Fragkogiannis

Vercetti is a sans serif font inspired by a humanistic design with a geometric touch. Its character structure is solid and moderately conventional, integrating smoothly into miscellaneous projects such as editorial design, branding, or advertising. It is also perfectly suitable for letterheads, website design, packaging, posters, and short texts.

Vercetti's overall look is quite rectangular while preserving balanced proportions. These characteristics increase font legibility when being used in smaller sizes. Discrete ink traps contribute to the clarity and readability of the glyphs, even in narrow blocks of text.


Raising Questions – Juno Hamburg X Arctic Paper

JUNO is a design-driven branding agency for the digital age. They shape brands that inspire people. That tell a good story. And with appeal that works across all channels. 

Arctic Paper launches the Munken Creator, a Web-based application for creating font animations in an experimental way.

With ‘Raising Questions’ and the Munken Sans font, the Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper invites creators to playfully develop and experiment with typographic design in the Munken Creator. The typographic artworks created aim to inspire people to think beyond the boundaries of how we communicate.