We catch up with designer Yalan Wen

Take a deep dive with us to find out about the working process of digital designer Yalan Wen

What is the working process behind your work?

I usually sketch it out in my notebook first. I feel more connected to pen and paper in the process and it allows me to go wild with my imagination. My inspiration usually come from my surrounding, such as taking a walk or listening to music, paying attention to the texture of the notes, the flow between the notes, and the mood of the...

Lettersetal type foundry puts designers first.

Lettersetal type foundry just launched with fully functioning Test Fonts for designers to use in pitches.



Based in London, the fonts designed by founder Matthew Burvill since 2012, are finally released with a focus on modernised, fairer, licensing that puts designers first. That means as a designer you are free to use the Test Fonts in pitches to your clients, and the licence is fairly priced based on the size of the client who must licence the fonts. You are free to...

Polestar launches 2024 Design Contest in collaboration with Hot Wheels

Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, is launching its 2024 Design Contest in collaboration with Mattel’s Hot Wheels Brand, one of the number-one selling toys in the world. This year’s contest brief invites designers to surprise and thrill the judges with submissions propelled by the imagination of their youth. Weaving Polestar’s design DNA into their vision of the ultimate Hot Wheels collectible promises the most extreme edition of the Polestar Design Contest to date.


About Sam 

Better Letters was born in 2013 as a natural extension to Sams work on Ghostsigns. The aim was to champion sign painting and foster greater appreciation of the trade. In the years since, this has...