Visual Identity for Yucca Studio

Based in Porto but working Worldwide, Yucca Studio is a small team of very experienced & multidisciplinary professionals, offering services in the areas of Art Direction, Editorial, Branding, Web, Photography and Creative Services.

See Through - A Visual Essay by Clim Studio

Exploring the intersection between art and nature, between material, light, and colour. A 40 seconds film that showcases 4 realistic yet abstract CG landscapes, each of them in a relationship with a kinetic transparent sculpture.

Welcome to Holbeck –– Oliver London

We got a deeper look in to the recent project by Oliver London. Working with People of Print, Oliver aims to crowdfund the costs needed to create this beautiful photo-documentary book. Take a closer look and find out more below.

People of Print’s independent publishing model, In Perpetuum, is working with artist and photographer Oliver London to produce a beautiful photo-documentary book on the first legal red-light district of the UK.

Crowdfunding now, Welcome to Holbeck aims to shine light and raise awareness...

The Creation of A Brand Ambassador.

Clim Studio surprised us again with this character based animation project.
Meet Marvin!

Clim–Studio ideated and developed Marvin’s corporate character to help them stand out from their competitors. A huggable humanoid creature that will live across all their platforms and products.

Tell us a little more about the project...

Marvin is a behavioural health platform that provides customised mental health care for different professional identities. Marvin partners with hospitals like UCSF, Harvard Psychiatry, and UCLA to provide care for their employees...

CoType Foundry Bring you Two Brand New Typefaces!

It would be an understatement to say that CoType have spoilt us all this month! Take a closer look at the TWO brand new typefaces...

CoType Foundry introduces Aeonik Mono and Aeonik Fono.
One is a typical fixed-pitch font where each character fits in a box of the same width. The other is a great illusionist posing as a mono but is actually proportionately spaced.


Our goal in creating Aeonik Mono was to pick up on the features that make the original Aeonik a beloved choice amongst designers and...