Yucca Studio Have Been Busy Creating a Brand New Website for Betina du Toit.

We caught up with Yucca Studio, a graphic design practice based in Porto, about their latest project 'Betina'. 

So tell us, what was the reasoning behind this beautiful project?

The project was the creation of the new website for the brilliant photographer, Betina du Toit. 

Betina reached out to us and asked us if we would like to re-design her new website. We couldn’t help but become super excited, as she is one of our favourite creatives and we absolutely love her work.

FENDA 2021 Urban Arts Festival Identity With Pedro Pereira

This week we got to chat with designer Pedro Pereira. Pedro gives us a closer look at the latest project for Fenda 2021. 

Scandium a New Contemporary Sans With Open Shapes and a Technical Vibe

We managed to get a closer look at the brand new contemporary typeface by CoType Foundry.

Scandium is a contemporary sans with open shapes and a technical vibe inspired by the needs of the automotive industry — openness, performance, and style.

Ticket-based Theatre Poster System By Mikhail Lychkovskiy

Reflections on simplifying the design of theatrical poster systems by Mikhail Lychkovskiy.
Sooner or later, a designer may face the task of designing a poster or a poster series for the theatre.

KTF Rublena, The Font Everyone Needs

KTF Rublena, The Font Everyone Needs

We got an exclusive look at the (old) new font developed by Yevgeniy Anfalov released on Kyiv Type Foundry. 

Rublena is the most used black grotesk on the ex-USSR terrain. It originated at the end of the XIX century in the city of Danzig as Zeitungs-Grotesque. Ever since this metal type was copied and distributed all around the globe in a broad variety of names and versions. According to researcher Dr. Dan Reynolds, “it was once the protype for a...